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Custom information systems and hardware

Custom IT Systems

We can develop information systems, web applications and desktop applications that fit your needs. In addition, we can supply hardware infrastructure, such as computers, servers, network and other equipment.

Custom Mobile Apps

Would you like to engage with your community via mobile application? First, we will create the app itself. Let us also create funnels and suggest you push messages strategy, segmentation and personalization methods. We will analyze app performance and test screens in order to achieve your business goals, too.

Identification Systems

We develop and produce software and hardware for contactless identification RFID systems. These systems can be used for people, animals and things identification. Attendance, access and eating systems represent only several examples of systems we can build for you.

Marketing services

Website development

Your website is the gate of your online world. We will make sure it meets current standards. We will design the structure, user flow, write copy that sells and install web software. Your website will be fully mobile-optimized, too.

Digital Analysis

Do you check your analytics data in order to evaluate your website´s performance and you can´t find any actionable insight? We will set up your tracking system, evaluate your sales funnel and provide insights into what is working and what should be the subject of further improvement.

Buyer Personas Definition

Would you like to see beyond the wall of your customer´s demographic data? We will interview them, mine data and create personas consisting of key insights. You can use your personas to build your website or powerful marketing campaigns while your potential customers feel like it is talking directly to them.

User Experience Testing

Is your web okay? Now, seriously. We are not talking about the design. Do you think your web is easy to use? We will test your website, find pain points and arrange hypothesis to test in order to improve website usability.

A/B Testing

Do you have high traffic but still cannot convert your visitors into leads or customers? The problem might be in your landing pages or checkout funnel. We will find poorly converting places within your website and ad campaigns, design hypothesis to test and perform the tests themselves.


Are you knowledge-hungy? We will design courses with the topic of online marketing, mobile marketing, content marketing, digital analysis, conversion rate optimization and sales. It doesn´t matter if you are an individual or you want to bring the whole organization. Let us upgrade ya!

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