Make us a part of your virtual world. We will build flesh and soul of your online presence.

Our Services

We provide self-developed or custom made solutions in the field of IT, mobile applications, identification systems and online marketing. Each of our services can be supplied alone or in combination in order to provide complex and professional solutions.

Information and identification systems

Custom IT Systems

We will develop IT systems and provide hardware infrastructure

Custom Mobile Apps

Let us create a mobile app and the strategy to engage your audience

Identification Systems

We develop and produce hardware and software for indentification systems

Marketing services

Website development

Your website is the gate of your online world. Let us build your kingdom!

A/B Testing

Increase the number of leads and customers from your existing visits

Digital Analysis

Measure your performance and improve your Return on Investment

User Experience

Ensure the usability of your website in order to ease the life of your visitors

Buyer Personas

Get insights that will help you understand your potential customers


Let us upgrade your knowledge in the field of online marketing and web

Our Projects


Mobile app for hotels which want to be in a constant touch with their guests.


Innovative sophisticated systems for modern cities.

National Tourist System

Uniform system for unforgettable experience of tourists.

We support


We are a member of charitable foundation Kiwanis which helps kids and families in the whole world. The biggest projects in Slovakia, that we supported are rescue centres 'Dorka' for families  (80% of families actually leave our centres as better people who are able to live independently) and custom Kiwanis doll for children in hospitals. 

Carpathian foundation

We are helping pro bono Carpathian foundation with their marketing and projects. The foundations supports cooperation, creating new partnerships on a local level and involving the whole community to solve local problems. During its existence the foundation supported more than hundreds of projects with more than 1,8 million EUR.

ŽHK Poprad

We are supporting women hockey team ŽHK Poprad. Amazing team, which as an only women hockey club pays the sallary to players, and as well as that they are trying to improve Slovakia’s hockey, with great results. Congratulations on winning season 2015/2016.


We are teaching and motivating young people, so they are not affraid to leave the old system. So they can chase their dreams, do business and expand their horizons. 

About Us

Our team consits of young people who has been working together for several years. We have software, hardware, firmware, sales, marketing and PR specialists at your disposal. Our job is our hobby and this is the reason why we approach the work with pleasure. Customer satisfaction is the center of our efforts so we try to be human, fair and helpful to each of our clients.


Excels as a manager and a visionary, as proved by sucsessfully realized projects. He graduated at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics that is a part of Technical university of Košice.


Sales and Project Director
He solves problems connected to sales and participates on planning and execution of projects in private and public sector. He also takes care of positive working morality in the company.


Marketing Specialist
Takes care of questions connected to modern marketing, analytics and optimization of processes. He is also a PhD. candidate at Faculty of Economics which is part of Technical university of Košice.


Lead Developer
He manages technical propositions and their development. Currently, he is also a student at prestigious University of Oxford.


BackEnd Developer
He controls the team that is responsible for those part of applications, systems and websites that users are not in contact with.


FrontEnd Developer
He operates the team responsible for functionality and design of applications, systems and websites that users are in contact with.


We participated in the competition called Entrepreneurial Idea of the Year 2014 with the project RoomAssistant. The jury consisted by directors of the most influential companies decided to place our project into TOP 15.

We were ranked among the TOP 3 best projects during ACE Creative Bootcamp (Slovak national round), a part of the national Creative Business Cup competition.

We were ranked 2nd in the category of Non-branded Apps, 3rd in the Tablet Apps category, and 3rd in the Best App Developer of the Year category.

Benefits of cooperation with us

  • Complete software development and hardware production
    We will figure out the idea, consult it with you, develop the final system, run it and if something is wrong, our service is at your disposal, too.
  • 24-hour service
    We will try to solve your problem right by the time of its uprise. Anytime it is.
  • Extensive experience
    With more than 4,000 clients, we can use our experience in order to offer you an eligible resolution.


Rastislav Zábronský

Chairman of the Board, Turvod, a. s.
During my long career, I have met similar enthusiasm, professionalism and ideas as in MVI only several times. Their solutions are innovative and they always delivered what they had promised to us.

doc. Ing. Anna Vaňová, PhD.

Vice-dean for development, Matej Bel University
We participate with MVI on Smart City project for city of Banská Bystrica, National Tourist System, and moreover, we are developing new co-working centre for students of our university. Their way of work, dynamics and vision are key aspects we value in this partnership.

Mgr. Igor Wzoš

Vice-mayor, City of Poprad
MVI has been actively involved in development of smart solutions in Poprad. Their solutions are are innovative and we appreciate their proactive approach. We are very satisfied with this partnership.

We have helped over 4,000 clients. Let us help you, too.

Composition of the holding

MVI Ltd., 50B Greatorex St, London E1 5NP, United Kingdom
MVI Project, a. s., Korunní 2569/108, Prague, Czech Republic
MVI Technology, Na grunte 7, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

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